Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Kil

Synopsis: Based on the true story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell the movie takes audiences behind the scenes of the investigation and trial of the man who has been dubbed the “Biggest Serial Killer in America.” Detective James “Woody” Wood (Dean Cain) and his partner Det. Stark (Alfonzo Rachel) work an informant network to discover which doctor has been selling prescription drugs illegally. But they are not the only ones who’ve been watching these sales as the FBI & DEA converge on an informant as Woody & Stark take her into custody. She soon gives up the doctor, Kermit Gosnell (Earl Billings). The FBI, DEA and local Philadelphia police do a joint raid on Dr. Gosnell’s clinic. And while they find evidence for the drug sales what they find next no one expected. During their search of the common areas they find baby bodies stored in orange juice containers and bags in the lunchroom refrigerator. These discoveries raise questions on what Dr. Gosnell is doing in this clinic. Assistant District Attorney Lexi McGuire (Sarah Jane Morris) returns to work following maternity leave and is thrust into the middle of the Gosnell case as it moves from a drug bust into a potential murder case. But taking on this case is a major risk for Lexi as she has ambitions within the Governor’s office and losing this case may end her career politically. As the team seeks to build their case for murder, there are several major questions the team must tackle around the Pennsylvania abortion laws. While its clear to Woody and Lexi the laws have been broken the difficult political ramifications of putting an abortion doctor on trial also come clearly into focus. Lexi will also be facing off against the sharp defense lawyer Michael Cohan (Nick Searcy). As they head into trial, its unclear how a jury will react to the information as the question of viability of the children found within the clinic will come into play along with ways to interpret the abortion laws. The team led by District Attorney Dan Molinari (Michael Beach) expect intense media scrutiny at the start of the trial. But upon their arrival at the courthouse its clear the media has a biased interest in not covering this story except for one “citizen journalist” Molly Mullaney (Cyrina Fiallo). As the trial moves forward Cohan makes a believable defense of Dr. Gosnell performing necessary but risky medical service. And while he may have not have run the cleanest or safest clinic these were mistakes and don’t add up to murder. Woody knows one of the clinic workers has photos of some of the babies who were found in the raid but needs her to take the stand. But will she?
Opening Date: 11-02-2018
Rating: PG-13
Duration: 93
Starring: Nick Searcy, Dean Cain, Michael Beach, Earl Billings, Sarah Jane Morris

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