Welcome to SummerFest

Summertime is made for families, memories and magic and what better place to bring all three of those elements together than at the movies! This year SummerFest will bring new favorites to the schedule, a list that is sure to put smiles on the faces of all ages, and with $1 admission per-person, life just can’t get much better! You can stay at home this summer and let the kids rule the house or you can give them a weekly escape and let their imaginations play for an afternoon, creating awesome memories and greater magic with your family. Where else can you become a hero for just $1? Showtimes for the listed dates will be 1pm and 6pm. Click on posters to get your tickets today.


Thank you so much for choosing to participate in Roseburg Cinema SUMMERFEST 2024 fundraising campaign to benefit your school or organization. In order to ensure a successful fundraising campaign, please read and complete the agreement below. It is our policy that your school or organization complies with the following guidelines:

  1. Roseburg Cinema will provide up to 50 punch cards to your school/organization. This agreement to sell SUMMERFEST punch cards is solely intended to raise funds for our local schools and non-profit organizations that benefits children.
  2. Each punch card, a $15.00 value, is to be sold for $10.00. Punch cards are not to be discounted without the express written approval of Roseburg Cinema. 100% of the proceeds benefit your school/organization. There is NO COST to your school.
  3. Your school/organization agrees to sell all 50 punch cards. Your school/organization may allocate these funds ($500.00) at your discretion. Punch cards are for the sole use of your school/organization and may not be given to any individual or other school/ organization without the written approval of Roseburg Cinema.
  4. You agree to inform Roseburg Cinema as to the total number of punch cards sold. Unsold punch cards are to be returned to Roseburg Cinema.
  5. SUMMERFEST movies will run Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 1:00pm and 6:00PM, for 10 weeks during the summer 2024. Punch cards are only valid through the end of SUMMERFEST 2024. All seats are on a first come / first served basis.
  6. Selling punch cards in front of the cinema is strictly PROHIBITED.
  7. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in disqualification of your school/ organization
    to participate in future Roseburg Cinema campaigns or fundraising opportunities. Please indicate your acceptance of the above guidelines by signing below and returning this form to the cinema.
    All punch cards will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.




  • What are Punch Cards?
    • Punch Cards are the charitable component to this whole program! We supply these “admission” cards, at no charge, to locations that benefit families, they sell them at the recommended price and keep all of the proceeds.
  • Where can I purchase punch cards?
    • From any location from the list while supplies last.
  • How many times can a single Punch Card be used?
    • Each Punch Card is valid for 10 admissions. These admissions can be used all at once by 10 different guests or one at a time.
  • Do I need a Punch Card to get in?
    • No. You may also purchase tickets at the box office or online.
  • Can I buy tickets at the theater?
    • Yes.
  • What is the price of admission?
    • $1 per-guest
  • Will there be sensory friendly showings?
    • Yes. The first show every Tuesday is sensory friendly.
  • How long is SummerFest?
    • 10 weeks. Each week we will present a different family-friendly feature.